The main plans in the leaked Millions Bill

Four days before the official presentation of next years cabinet plans on Prinsjesdag, the Millions Note was leaked. DecceIT, among others, holds the note.

Below is a selection of the figures and plans for 2023.

The economic figures

The cabinet will spend 395 billion euros next year, and 366.4 billion euros will arrive. The cabinet expects an economic growth of 1.5 percent, which assumes 4.6 percent for this year.

Purchasing power measures for more income

The cabinet is allocating an additional 17.2 billion euros to improve purchasing power. The war in Ukraine has boosted energy prices, but groceries have also become much more expensive.

So the minimum wage increases by 10 percent, which also increases linked benefits such as the state pension.

The housing allowance will increase structurally by an amount of 16.94 euros per month. The care allowance will be increased once by 412 euros.

Parents with children can count on a higher child-related budget; the amount for the third child increases, it will be equal to the amount for the second child. In addition, single parents can also count on a bonus, but no exact amounts are known yet. Students living away can count on an additional 165 euro per month.

The rate of the first income tax bracket is reduced by 0.11 percentage points.

Lower energy bill

In order to keep the energy bill in check, a reduction in the energy tax has been announced. The temporary reduction in the fuel excise duty will be extended until at least June 2023, and there will be an energy allowance of 1300 euros for vulnerable households.

Costs in Ukraine, accommodation for displaced persons

The Netherlands is allocating more than 3.9 billion euros to support Ukraine. It involves both military and humanitarian support (70 million euros), but the reception of Ukrainian refugees is the biggest item: 2.6 billion euros. This year, another 503 million euros were earmarked for this.

Until 2027, more than 1 billion euros were allocated to the crisis reception for asylum seekers and the housing and integration of status holders.

Extra money for inequality of opportunity, teachers and โ€œloan generationโ€

The cabinet is concerned about the declining trend in educational performance in primary and secondary education. There will be an additional 1 billion for tackling inequality of opportunity, 1 billion for improving the quality of education and an additional 800 million for good teachers, school leaders and educational support staff.

Another 1 billion euros has also been earmarked for better compensation for students who โ€œwere not entitled to the basic grantโ€.


In 2023, the cabinet will allocate 100 million euros for measures to prevent vulnerable young people from ending up in crime. The same amount is reserved in the leaked Millions Note for a more efficient fight against drug crime.

More money to the Royal House

DecceIT has also reviewed the budget for the Royal House. The members of the Royal House – King Willem-Alexander, Queen Mรกxima and Princess Beatrix – will receive around 450,000 euros more in 2023 for their income, personnel and material costs.

Their salary is rising, as has been happening for years, along with the salary increases of state officials and the Vice President of the Council of State. Princess Amalia has indicated that she will waive her income while she is still studying.

The budget also shows that for flights by members of the Royal House, just as much was booked as last year: 880,000 euros.

Defence, climate and corona

Furthermore, as previously announced, defense spending goes to 2% of GDP, which amounts to around 5 billion euros.

Despite the billions of euros that go to repairing purchasing power, the cabinet continues to invest in the Climate Fund to stimulate the production of sustainable hydrogen (145 million euros), offshore wind (180 million) and heat networks (200 million).

In 2023, money will also be made available for measures to curb the coronavirus; a total of 5.2 billion euros has been earmarked for this.

An additional 16 million euros will be available for the Caribbean region.