The main thing about Battlefield 2042 โ€” what we learned after the shooter announcement

EA has finally announced the next Battlefield, which despite many leaks was given the succinct name Battlefield 2042 โ€” it simultaneously refers to the first part (1942) and futuristic experiment (2142). This time, Swedish developers from DICE decided to abandon the traditional story campaign, focusing all efforts on multiplayer mode โ€” though classic bot fights will return to the series. At the yard 2042 โ€” the US and Russia are on the brink of war because of a lack of resources on the planet.

Players have to take control of mercenaries who can side with both Americans and Russians. This time, DICE also dropped classes to polka specialists.

They largely resemble the characters from Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and 4 โ€” they are gamely similar in most ways, but everyone will have unique features (they are partially related to classes). There will be 10 of them on the way out, but only four are known so far.

Stormtrooper Webster Mackay has a hook-cat and he runs fast, medic Maria Falk treats allies with a special gun, engineer Piotr Guskowski sets turrets and scout Wikus Van Deal marks enemies with a special drone. During the first year, the developers will add four more operatives โ€” a fighter each season, each of which will last three months.

The shooter will have extensive support, with the publisher promising to submit a detailed map of full-year updates ahead of its release on October 22. But the biggest changes are about maps โ€” they will grow markedly in scale, become โ€œmore dynamicโ€ and more detailed.

Perhaps that‘s why it will be a family at the start of sales. In addition, DICE added natural cataclysms that are expected both global and local.

They will not be scripted, but dynamically so that each match feels very different. Some fights will do without cataclysms at all.

There are three types of modes so far: Total War is an updated โ€œCaptureโ€ and โ€œBreakthroughโ€ with cataclysmic and support for up to 128 players (PS5only, Xbox Series and PC โ€” up to 64 players on PS4 and Xbox One) โ€œDanger Zoneโ€ is a more tactical mode with a bet on close squad work. Learn more about it later.

Unknown mode โ€” it is made by DICE LA. It should please the veterans of the series, even though it is entirely unique in itself.

The mode will be presented on July 22 on EA Play. The classic โ€œCaptureโ€ will especially change due to the scale of the maps, because the capture zones are now divided into sectors with multiple flags inside.

Customization will become more flexible โ€” for example, you can change arms around the field right in the middle of the field. When a special button is pressedAn interactive menu in the spirit of Crysis opens, where you can change sight, barrel, store and other gadgets.

Screenshot from Crysis for SvisionNow there are 3 editions available for shooter โ€” standard, gold and ultimative. The latter two give not only early access to a full week’s full version of the game, but also a first-year pass.

For the most part, it provides a paid combat pass for four seasons of the first year of support. A little bit about monetization: Players will receive new cards for free as part of seasonal updates, and the battle pass will have two lines of progress โ€” free for all players and paid.

In general, pretty standard practice. Versions for next-generation consoles are more expensive (but the PS Store around the world now sell the PS5 version at the same price as the PS4 โ€” 4899 rubles).

On the Xbox, the version for One costs $60, and for Series it‘s $70. The gold edition includes both versions.

On PC (Steam, Origin, Epic Games Store), the basic edition sells for 3,499 rubles. Pre-order bonuses โ€” most will probably be interested in early access to open beta, which will take place shortly before the release.

BattleField 2042 is released October 22nd on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC. In early July, selected veterans of the series will receive happiness letters inviting them to participate in the alpha, while others will have to wait for open testing in the fall.

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