The main thing about Mass Effect Legendary Edition โ€” release date, first screenshots and trailer

BioWare finally fully introduced the updated Mass Effect trilogy. There is a lot of good news, but also one bad โ€” the release will not take place until May 14. And now about the good: Legendary Edition wont be a basic remaster.

The studio did a lot of work on the whole trilogy, significantly improving the quality of textures and models, as well as introducing modern effects and significantly changing the work of lighting. At the same time, the team intends to maintain the style of the original, so all improvements are created taking into account the original vision – by design the remaster will look like many remembered original.

The whole trilogy is now launched through a single client, and the character editor will general. Most of all BioWares effort went to the first part, which came out almost 14 years ago.

In it, in addition to improved graphics, new mini-games and interface will appear, and battles will change noticeably – the original was more RPG than the subsequent two parts. Its โ€œadjustedโ€.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition preview. Shepard is alive! A comparison of the original and remaster of the first Mass EffectMass Effect Legendary Edition will be released May 14 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Apparently, there will be no separate versions for the PS5 and Xbox Series, but they will get some improvements. On the PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, PS5 and Xbox Series X promise 60 fps support.

The PC also added support for ultra-wide monitors and gamepads. TrailerComparison of the original and remaster Mass Effect 2Pair of comparisons of the first Mass EffectScreenShotsRemaster Once again screenshots with a comparison of Mass Effect 1 and 2, but already without sliders.

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