The main thing about PlayStation 5: backward compatibility with PS4, downloads, features

Digital Foundry and many other publications that were given out PlayStation 5 for reviews released the first material about the console. Backward CompatibilityTo start, discard all doubts. DF experts have tested dozens of games, and almost everywhere the same โ€œboringโ€ result – everything works perfectly.

Where the frame rate is unlocked, the console reaches the value. List of games with unlocked frame rate that work without problems in stable 60 FPS on PS5: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Dark Souls III Ghost of Tsushima Days Gone HITMAN 2 Knack Until Dawn Final Fantasy XV The Evil Within 2 Rise of the Tomb Raider Shadow of the Tomb Raider Crysis Killzone: Shadow Fall.

Bloodborne, k Unfortunately, not updated – the game easily holds 30 frames, but because of the unstable feed of frames, there is still a feeling of lag and retarmazhivaniya. Disk version Assassin‘s Creed Unity, which on Xbox Series X gives out stable 60 FPS, shows jumping 30-60 frames on the PS5.

Just Cause 3, which has shown itself horribly on the PS4 and Xbox One, is finally running a no-brainer on both next-generation consoles. There are also stable 30 FPS on the PS5.

But with P. T.

an interesting story happened. Initially, when the console was given to journalists in the 20s of October, the interactive teaser ran without problems on the PS5, and it could be moved from the PS4.

However, this changed the other day, and the icon had a โ€œPS4 Onlyโ€ dip. โ€œA Sony spokesperson stated to Polygon that the change regarding backward compatibility on the PlayStation 5 was a decision by the publisher (ie Konami).

โ€ Some games at launch may give out a message that functions may not work correctly, but usually small bugs occur in such titles as much as possible. However, here with the lighting in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate there is some infinity.

In general, the PS5 is higher performance in older games, because there is often lower resolution, but thanks to this games with unlocked frame rate easily get to 60 FPS. On Xbox Series X the opposite situation: there is often higher resolution, but a more floating frame frequency – stable 60 FPS less.

DownloadsCompared to PS4, the new console loads games much faster, But with the downloads of old games there was a casus. On paper, the PlayStation 5 drive is twice as fast as Xbox Series X, but games through backward compatibility in GameSpot tests are downloaded faster on Xbox.

All tests are conducted from the initial launch of the game on the home screen of Red Dead Redemption 2 Xbox Series X consoles โ€” 1 minute 4 seconds PS5 โ€” 1 minute 5 seconds Final Fantasy XV Xbox Series X โ€” 48 seconds PS5 โ€” 1 minute 10 seconds Destiny 2 Xbox Series X โ€” 48 seconds PS5 โ€” 57 seconds Monster Hunter: World Xbox Series X โ€” 35 seconds PS5 โ€” 51 seconds Batman: Arkham Knight Xbox Series X โ€” 58 seconds PS5 โ€” 1 minute 7 seconds. In addition, the speed of enabling PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Cold start: PlayStation 5 โ€” 24 seconds Xbox Series X โ€” 25 seconds Standby mode: PlayStation 5- 14 seconds Xbox Series X – 4 seconds. The author of the US Gamer portal notes that the PS5 is much faster to load digital versions of the game.

For example, the 36-gigabyte Fist of the North Star client on PS4 loaded in 58 minutes, and on the PS5 – in 7 minutes. The details of the Internet connection are not specified.

The console itself and its functions Quick Resume functions for freezing several games at once, and the Switcher menu shows a list of the latest running games. From there, they can be launched again.

Perhaps in the future the opportunity will still be added. The console is quiet and does not warm; DualSense runs on one charge up to 10 hours, but in games with its active use like Astros Playroom, it can sit down in 4 hours; There is a time counter in games, will show results for PS4 games; Edit screenshots and videos can be directly in the Create menu without freezing the game.

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