The main thing from the analysis of The Division 2 from DF – for some reason the PS5 does not have a number of effects

Last week, The Division 2 updated for next-generation consoles, but instead of releasing separate nextgen versions, developers limited to improvements through backward compatibility. However, PS5 owners immediately noticed a number of oddities: somewhere missing voluminous fog, one of the key graphics features of the Snowdrop engine, as well as SSR reflections – remained only lower quality cubic cards. Digital Foundry conducted analysis of the nextgen versions and confirmed that there are no number of effects on the PS5 that are present on the PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

Most likely this is a bug, however, questions arise how so big mistakes have passed the company‘s testers. Although on the PS5 and higher resolution than on the PS4 Pro, the game looks much worse due to the lack of important effects like the same volume smoke, moreover, among the new consoles it is the PlayStation 5 shows the longest downloads – the difference with the Xbox Series is up to three times.

Where Series X loads in 5 seconds, the PS5 shows results in 15 seconds. All consoles use dynamic resolution: Xbox Series S – 900p-1080p PlayStation 5 – 1080p-1890r Xbox Series X – 1800r-2160p.

If we talk about performance, then all versions show themselves well: the PS5 has practically no falls, Series S have a little more, and on Series X there are drops up to 52 FPS. But in most of them, there are quite stable 60 FPS everywhere.

On the PS5 simply there are no additional effects – for example, when exploding on PS5 there is only an explosion effect, without smoke and dirt, which are on other consoles. Until Ubisoft did not have time to comment on the situation, so whether something will be fixed on the PS5 is unknown.

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