The main thing from the fresh show by Monster Hunter is the ending of Rise and the trailer for Stories 2

Capcom held another show on Monster Hunter, where she shared the closest updates for Rise and presented the third trailer for Stories 2: Wings of Ruin. Most attention was paid to Rise – developers shared details of tomorrow‘s patch 2. 0, with which new monsters like Hameleo, Diablos, Ratalos, Theostra and Kushalo will appear in the game Deora.

In addition, APEX creatures will now begin to appear in regular jobs, which will also become more. Among other innovations, new time quests, solo adventures, story missions, and gear are noted.

However, the Rise ending will not appear until a month later with the 3. 0 update.

Also, after the release of update 2. 0, the ability to change the appearance of the hero will be a paid addition, although until today it was a completely free option.

In the fresh trailer Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin together with a new portion of gameplay and story frames presented a turn-based combat system – what JRPG will do without it . The main types of attacks (strength, speed and technique) will return from the first part, and for each monster you have to select the appropriate weapons, elemental and skills.

As in traditional Monster Hunter, hunters are better to learn the features and habits of monsters before fighting. The game will be released July 2 on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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