The main thing from the new series “Mandalortsa”: Return of the Jedi and the past of the Child

Today, November 27, the release of a new episode of the second season of Mandalorza took place, in which the show for the first time began showing events that had not previously been shown in the trailers. The director and The episode was scripted by Dave Filoni — co-creator of the series with Jon Favreau, as well as creator of the animated series Clone Wars and Rebels. This is the fifth episode of the new season of eight – and footage from subsequent series is also not shown anywhere.

Just in case, once again warn: NEXT FOLLOW SPOILERSIn the new series the authors continue strengthen the connection between various works in the universe of Star Wars, in this case – with cartoon series. In one of the past episodes the audience saw on the screen a warrior with Mandalora Bo-Katan, played by Katie Sackhoff, voiced the heroine in animated projects.

Now the turn has reached an even more popular cartoon character – Asoki Tano, student of Anakin Skywalker. By and large, the appearance of the character became known in advance – thanks leaks to the media, where they also revealed that Rosario Dawson will embody her party on screen.

In general, so everything happened. According to the story, Mandalorets goes in search of Tano to the city of Kalodan on the planet Corvus, so that she told him about the origin of baby Yoda.

But wait for the appearance of the heroine for a long time does not come. The episode breaks off from the battle scene between Asoka and the city guards.

She herself tries to get inside to learn some important information for her. In the end, Tano retreats, promising to return soon.

Just at this moment the main character arrives on the planet, whom the head of the city hires to kill the Jedi. In return, she offers a spear made of Mandalore iron — bescara.

The protagonists armor is made of it. Instead, the character goes to Asoka, trying to find out the truth about the child.

And after their little brawl, she reveals details to him about the past of baby Yoda, who is actually called Grogo. As it turns out, Grogu was brought up in a Jedi temple on Coruscant, and when the execution of Order 66 began, someone hid the baby, so that the child remained alive.

But who it was and what happened next – the hero does not remember. The main character asks to train Grog, but Asoka refuses.

Since he has developed a strong attachment to the Mandalortz, and such emotions can lead to fear. And, according to the heroine, she does not want to risk it, because she saw what fear can do even with a trained Jedi knight.

In the last sentence, she obviously hints at Anakin, because he knows about his fate. Her battle with Darth Vader took place in the second season finale of The Rebels.

As a result, she was rescued by the protagonist of the animated series Ezra, and she escaped the gibel. But the characters are allequally agree among themselves – Mando decides to help Asoka get the necessary information from the city in the hope that she will change her mind.

Next follows a fight between the heroine and the soldiers, and after she fights on a duel with the head of the settlement. It turns out that Asoka was looking for the master of her opponent – Grand Admiral Traun.

The heroine is engaged searching for him and Ezra from the time of the Rebel finale, as both characters were missing in hyperspace. Interestingly, in the animated series she was helped by another representative of Mandalor – Sabin.

Perhaps she too will appear in the future. As a result, Asoka still refuses to train Grog, sending the protagonist to the planet Tyton, where the remains of an ancient temple are located.

The child should send through the Force of a call, which can catch someone from the Jedi survivors – potentially he can train the kid. Among the additional interesting moments of the series can be noted that Dave Filoni was clearly inspired by various samurai paintings, and in particular — the ribbons of Akira Kurosawa, as did George Lucas himself when-tho.

And on the second art Asoka dressed in a costume from the finalRebels, although in the series itself wears something more like clothes from the Clone Wars . In addition, the series very accurately conveyed all the movements of the heroine from the animation – this concerns and Also in the episode you can see the bird Morai, which follows the heroine from the time of Clone Wars (on the branch left) .

One of the roles in the episode (head of security), by the way, was played by Michael Bean of the Terminator . And the planet Tyton already appeared in the series of comics Dr.

Afra – there was a kind of confessional, where the heroine in turn confronted Darth Vader. She lured the latter by deliberately naming the wrong location of the Rebels base, although she knew that they were located on the planet hot.

A new episode of Mandalorza will appear next Friday, 4 Dec. More on Gamerania Skandal Human Farm plan to take out on Kickstarter Cyberpunk 2077 for PS4 weighs 71.

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