The makers of black panels for PlayStation 5 found a way to keep themselves safe

Recent history with the attempted sale of exclusive black PlayStation 5 showed that the demand for non-standard looking new consoles is extremely high. And, although the campaign of SUP3R5, most likely, was only a fraud, there have already been real offers. The PlayStation 5 side panels are removed, which means that they can simply be replaced.

PlateStation5 was one of the first to attempt this. But the path was not easy.

At the beginning, on Sonys demand, she had to change her name to CustomizeMyPlates, then under pressure she was forced to withdraw the entire line of its panels. If there is a will, there is a way to go.

CMP announced it had found a way to keep itself safe from Sonys lawyers: it filed a patent application for its panels. Its not exactly a ruse, creators promise that their products provide improved ventilation.

But while the application is being considered, the company is inviolable . To begin with, CMP has released on sale a thousand sets of panels, including pure black and dedicated to the coming God of War: Ragnar& ouml; k.

The creators assure that last time in a day they sold twice as much. Black panels are sold both individually and with decals, pure black or with a thematic gamepad design Ragnarök.

sets for the gamepad released half as many, only 500. Vinyl decals also cover the white core of the console.

This solution allows you to do without opening the enclosures of the set-top box and controller, which deprives the right to warranty repair. More on CCeit About cut from Cyberpunk 2077: Adamczyk published missing tracks In Poland make horror Buried in Ice based on Something Medieval release date GTA Rustler named in live trailer.