The makers of The Ascent revealed co-op mode

Studio Neon Giant and publisher Curve Digital unveiled a special trailer for their role-playing action film The Ascent. It was dedicated to a cooperative mode, in which up to four players can unite. You can pass The Ascent both solo and in the company of three friends via online or on a local network.

And for success, you can divide and distribute roles by adjusting equipment, gadgets, modifications, weapons and skills to the requirements of the mission. The Ascent takes place in the distant cyberpunk future.

Players will get the role of employees of the powerful corporation Ascent Group, which at some point simply ceased to exist. And now everyone has to survive under the pressure of groupings of competitors without the support of security services.

The Ascent should be released this year on RS, Xbox One and Xbox Series. More on CCeit Daedalic will be engaged in publishing Inkulinati, Fling to the Finish and Life of Delta Creator The Sims seeks testers among the creators of modifications Relaxing strategy Dorfromantik gets 99% positive feedback.