“The man with an arrow in his back is a hero,” says eyewitness attack

Kurt Einar Voldseth, native of the Norwegian city of Kongsberg, found an arrow and bow in front of his home on Wednesday night when returning home. He then heard death crits that I will never forget, he tells Danish public broadcaster DR. The man is one of the eyewitnesses of the attack that killed five people.

The only suspect, the Dane Aspen Andersen Bråthen, has been handed over to health services. This has been decided after a medical evaluation of the man, reports the prosecutor. His pre-arrest has been extended for four weeks today, Norwegian media reports. The lawsuit probably starts in a few months.

Voldseth experienced what happened in the more than half an hour attack. After the find of the arc, he ran in the direction of the screams. He saw a woman who was stabbed with some sort of stabbing weapon, he tells journalists. The Norwegian said he recognized the perpetrator. He lives in the neighborhood and walked around normally wearing his headphones. I talked to him a few times, but I had the impression that he was someone with problems.

The 37-year-old Bråthen announced the bloody attack after his arrest, according to the police. The security forces suspect the suspect was acting with a terrorist motive. Although he has previously been in the picture because of radicalisation, the motive is not fixed yet, according to the authorities.

He made nasty comments and I felt like I had to be careful with him, says a young neighbor of the suspect:

He lives a few hundred meters away, Voldseth says of the suspect. Kongsberg is a small town; some 27,000 people live in the municipality of the same name. Almost everyone knows a victim or eyewitness according to the mayor.

The perpetrator struck at different locations in the center. The drama started at Coop Extra supermarket. After officers approached the suspect, he allegedly opened the attack on random people and the police with bow and arrow. The suspect managed to escape the grocery store. The massacre continued on the street.

Hit with an arrow

I saw a man walking towards me with an arrow in his back, says Markus Alexander Kultima to Norwegian broadcaster NRK. The wounded man said he was an off-duty agent, and the 23-year-old had to leave as soon as possible.

I don‘t understand how he was able to walk that arrow in his back while trying to get people to safety at the same time. He’s a hero, says Kultima. The agent is one of three injuries of the attack who have been hospitalized. The fatalities are only known to be four women and a male, all between 50 and 70 years old.

The 24-year-old student Sarkis Younan lives 20 metres away from the supermarket where the attack started. I was watching Squid Game when I suddenly heard sirens. I first thought the sound was in the TV series, he tells the Norwegian news site VG. Then I heard the police scream hard: put your weapons down!


front of his door, the student saw police cars and officers with shields and bulletproof vests. Later, the police knocked on the windows with the message to stay in doors and lock doors. That warning didn‘t turn out to be an alarm. The perpetrator went into at least one house and killed someone there, became clear in a press conference yesterday.

Dutch student: police everywhere

Dutch student Jolin Speksnijder lives five minutes away from the Coop Extra. She’s staying in town because of her studies. Around six o‘clock, I walked to the mall with a fellow student to have a drink there. Then we heard a lot of sirens. That’s what we thought was crazy, because almost nothing happens here normally.

That mall is located in the northeastern part of town. The attack happened in the southwest, where Speksnijder also lives. There is a river between the two boroughs. When the two students wanted to cross the bridge again later in the evening, they were stopped by the police.

Police cars and helicopters were everywhere. Once back home I got a lot of messages from friends from the Netherlands: are you ok? It was only then that I realized it was a big thing.