The Minecraft Legends trailer was dedicated to familiar and unfamiliar monsters

Blackbird Interactive and Mojang have released the second Minecraft Legends developer diary. And it was dedicated to our future friends and enemies: monsters familiar to all Minecraft fans and new ones designed specifically for the future strategic action movie. We have to save Minecraft Legends a world from a piglin invasion, and to do this, we‘ll be able to form alliances with those we used to know as enemies.

In the video, the developers explained how old and new mobs will differ from those we know from Minecraft and how they designed them while maintaining the individual style of the Minecraft universe. Zombies gave an example: zombie villagers now wear hats to protect themselves from the sun.

And designers have sketched dozens of these hats until they’ve chosen the most suitable one. And the bulk of our army will be a variety of golems.

Minecraft Legends will be released in 2023 on PCs and consoles. The game will be available on Xbox Game Pass as well as Xbox Cloud Gaming.

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