The Miners Transfer the World of Half-Life 2 to the Cubic Vastness of Minecraft

It turns out that for the past 5 years, a team of enthusiasts have been laboring to carry the Half-Life 2 world to Minecraft. This is a really massive project that has been called City-17 [Grand Project] . From the very beginning, modders have set themselves a goal not just to recreate the game in the cubic world, but also to implement the open the world.

This means that unlike the original HL2, there will be no bootscreens in this version. The team also hustled and added the Borey mission, which was cut from of the second episode.

The ship itself is on a small Arctic island that can be reached by helicopter. You can see what City-17 [Grand Project] represents in the trailer below, and for updates, welcome to the official communityโ€ VKontakteโ€ .

Its nice that fans dont forget the Half-Life universe and continue to create exciting new projects. Incidentally, just recently there was a flash mob during which a new attendance record was set in Half-Life 2.

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