The Ministry of Finance spoke about “IT specialists” applying for a deferment from the army

The average age of IT specialists applying for a deferment from the army is 24 years. And those aged 21 to 23 are more than 3,500. The Ministry of Finance of Russia shared data regarding IT specialists who want to take advantage of the benefit.

Most of all, representatives of the specialty computer science and computer technology& raquo; – more than 1100. Their average work experience is about 2 years.

Also among the most popular specialties are: Information Systems and Technology (more than 740 people); Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (more than 680 people); & laquo; Software Engineering (570 people); Applied Informatics (more than 550 people). According to the agency, more than 8.

7 thousand IT specialists apply for a postponement. This number of applications was submitted by 2,000 companies.

How many specialists will receive a deferment will be decided by the Ministry of Defense of Russia, where all applications received will be sent by June 1. Recall, since March 2022, the Russian government has been gradually introducing exemptions for representatives of the IT sector.

For example, it will be easier for foreign IT specialists to obtain a residence permit in Russia. A preferential mortgage at 5% will also be available for IT specialists.

The deferment from the army is also included in the list of proposed benefits. According to the head of the Ministry of Finance Maksut Shadaev, such benefits for the IT industry are aimed at making Russia a comfortable country to work & laquo; IT specialists.

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