The Ministry of Internal Affairs will check Netflix for LGBT propaganda among minors

The Ministry of Internal Affairs began checking Netflix regarding possible violations of the law prohibiting the propaganda of LGBT relations among minors. The complaint to the authorities was received on behalf of Volha Baranets, who introduced herself as a โ€œpublic commissioner for family rightsโ€. According to her, some online cinema projects with similar themes have a rating of โ€œ16+โ€ instead of โ€œ18+โ€.

Baranets asks to prosecute the streaming service itself and officials for โ€œpropaganda of perversions of Russian childrenโ€ โ€” they are allegedly starting to be interested in these themes because of movies and TV shows like this. Ideally, Baranets expects to receive an injunction against any public dissemination of LGBT ideas.

However, according to RBC, Netflix has already managed to check such films โ€” each of them has been assigned an appropriate rating. Earlier, Muz-TV was fined 1 million rubles for a similar topic โ€” the reason was some costumes and images of the guests of the musical ceremony.

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