The Mod “Chronicles of Myrtana” for Gothic II is released on December 10

Polish band SoulFire finally announced the release date of the first chapter of the large-scale storyline modification Chronicle of Myrtana to the cult role-playing game Gothic II. The Myrtana Chronicles: Archolos custom mod will be available on Steam, GOG and the band‘s website on December 10. The Chronicles of Myrtana is a prequel to the original story, its action takes place ten years before the events of the original.

In the first chapter we will get to a new location, the island of Arkholos, east of the mainland of Myrtana. Our hero is Marvin, who is trying to hide from the war on Arkholos.

However, his new life will not be as he dreamed, and in the new country he will face betrayal, opportunism and the struggle of interests of rich merchants, royal servants and desperate Refugees. Players will have more than 40 hours of playthrough, more than 170 non-linear quests, about 200 random events and almost 1,500 NPCs.

The soundtrack was created by composer Kamil Zhdzheevsky and recorded by Andante’s Inferno orchestra. Professional actors took part in the voice acting, and the work as a whole was carried out with the support of Piranha Bytes.

The modification will be available for free, but you will need to buy Gothic II: Gold to launch it Edition. Until December 1, you can do it for 49 rubles.

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