“The neighbor became my lockdown love.”

A single woman readeress thought in mid-March that she was waiting for a boring and lonely intelligent lockdown. Until the moment whyon she looked deep into the viewers of her – occupied – neighbor

A year ago, my husband and I decided to divorce after six years of marriage. The fire between us was extinguished. We lived in peace in the countryside in a detached house. I loved that at the time, but when it became clear that we were not going to grow old together, that peace began to dislike me. I moved to a single family home in February this year in the ever-bustling capital. It was time for rebellious in my life!

That rebellious has lasted three weeks already. I had an insanely fun walking weekend. After a common kissing party in a nightclub with an attractive guy, I even went home with him. I never thought Id ever do that. Exchanging numbers? I didnt think so; I wanted freedom, joy. God knew what the next weekend would have to offer me… An intelligent lockdown would turn out later. I was bummed by a plug that I didnt exchange phone numbers. The exciting adventures suddenly seemed miles away and man, what I longed for someone around me. I would have imagined that single life quite differently.

There I

was, all alone. Rated between the happy families. In my study on the first floor I was annoyed by the squeaky springs of the trampoline of the neighboring children. Cmpy as I was, I decided to say something (Smear that thing with oil! ). I had not taken the time to introduce myself before, so I felt slightly burdened to start a lament immediately. But when my neighbor opened the front door, I immediately stood with my mouth full of teeth: what a handsome guy! That I hadnt seen that before. Wide shoulders, a bunch of dark curls, stubble and light eyes. The dimples in his cheeks became visible when he said goodbye to me smiling. We got to talk. He told me that he was living with his girlfriend and their two daughters of 9 and 7. He was genuinely interested in who I am, and after I asked if he could do something about the squeaky sound of the trampoline, the conversation ended with exchanging our songs.

Days passed, and every now and then we had WhatsApp contact. First about practical matters, such as the day when the coarse waste is collected. Later on about how cozy it would be to have a drink. On Kings Day I received an invitation from him to come and have a beer outside – 1.5 meters away. Together with other neighbors, that is. The drink took place at the picnic tables in the schoolyard, where the children could play and the adults drink. At the end of the afternoon and a crate of beer later, the stock was up. Time for new cold stuff out of my fridge, cried the neighbor. Nonchalant I offered to take the made junk and empty beer bottles inside, after all I had to go to the toilet anyway. No one was looking at it; they were too busy talking to each other. When we walked around the corner, he winked at me. We both knew what was going to happen. Lets say: If the beer is in the man, then the wisdom is in the can. Next thing I knew, I was lying bent over on his dining table.


After our Kings night adventure, the lockdown made it difficult for us to spend time together. We met in parks and in remote parking lots. Not very chic, but the sex was great. Soon feelings came into it. I cant let a wonderful woman like you go, he said. He wants to go for me, but he needs time to think. Our time is coming together, he promised me. But I also know: Promising a lot, giving little, makes a madman live in joy…

This story is also in the WOMAN Glossy Confession Summer Special of August 20.