The Netherlands and Germany supply six additional armoured howitzers to Ukraine

The Netherlands and Germany will each supply three more armoured howitzers to Ukraine. This is what defense minister Ollongren and her German colleague Lambrecht say in Madrid, where NATO meets.

The six are on top of the twelve that the two countries had already promised, and that they trained Ukrainians for, says Ollongren. Kiev had asked for the heavy artillery because the Ukrainian army says it needs eighteen armoured howitzers. This gives them more firepower and can support more different ground forces at the same time.

โ€œUkraine really needs to know that we are helping them, that they can count on us. When they say what they need, we do our very best,โ€ said Minister Ollongren.

Now that the armoured howitzers are going to Ukraine, the Dutch stock needs to be replenished. The donation has consequences for the operational readiness of the Dutch armed forces, according to Ollongren.

โ€œThey are not in large quantities in the barn. For us, too, they are scarce resources.โ€ But at the moment, the most important thing is that Ukraine can use them against Russian aggression, says the minister.

At the

end of April, the Netherlands already pledged five armoured howitzers, who have since arrived in Ukraine. After the eight that the Netherlands gives to Ukraine in total, the Dutch army still has 46 left. Part of it is needed to strengthen the firepower on land, part to train military personnel and to test, part of which is considered reserve equipment.