The Netherlands finishes coefficient comeback: in three years from spot 14 to spot 7

The Netherlands has completed its imposing catch-up race in the coefficients ranking. The number fourteen of 2018 โ€” thanks to Ajax 3-0 victory over the Swiss BSC Young Boys โ€” took Russias seventh place. And if Dinamo Kiev and Shakhtar Donetsk do not shoot out this season, the Netherlands will remain there until the end of the season.
After the last Europe League round, it was already clear that the Netherlands would have the empire alone. Russia lost its last representative with FK Krasnodar and also pursuers Belgium and Austria were ready. The Netherlands had enough of one victory or two draw from Ajax to jump over Russia: after the first match against Young Boys it is already there.
If Ajax also passes the return in Switzerland intact, it can still earn up to 0.600 coefficient point for the Netherlands: 0.200 for a draw or 0.400 for another win, plus a 0.200 bonus for making the quarter-finals. In that case, the coefficient race was almost run for the Netherlands: number twelve Scotland is still in the race with Rangers FC, but is too far behind. Number thirteen Ukraine threatens to lose Dinamo Kiev and Shakhtar Donetsk, after a 0-2 home defeat against Villarreal and a 3-0 lame at AS Roma.
The current top-fifteen of the coefficientsranglist1. Spain 94.712 (16.357) (4/7) 2. England 94.283 (18.071) (6/7) 3. Italy 74.5153 (15.000) (4/7) 4. Germany 72.856 (14.500) (3/7) 5. France 55.581 (7.416) (1/6) 6. Portugal 48.149 (9.200) (1/5) 7. 8.400 (8.400) (1/5) 8. Russia 38.382 (4.333) (0/6) 9. Belgium 36,500 (6,000) (0/5) 10. Austria 35.825 (6.700) (0/5) 11. Scotland 33.375 (8.500) (1/4) 12. Ukraine 33.100 (6.800) (2/5) 13. Turkey 30.100 (3.100) (0/5) 14. Denmark 27.875 (4.125) (0/4) 15. Cyprus 27.750 (4.000) (0/4) (In parentheses this season score and the number of European representatives)
Whether it is realistic is a second: but in the most favourable case โ€” Europa League win with only victories for Ajax โ€” the Netherlands can reach 41,400 this season. In any case, it wouldnt hurt to get some extra points this season, with a view to the future.
If after this season the points of the 2016/2017 season are stripped off โ€” Ajax made the Europa League final, also AZ wintered, the Netherlands delivers 9.100 โ€”
we are still in the top ten, but the difference from the competition has become a lot smaller. In 21/22 it is important to consolidate the spot in the top ten, after which the points of 17/18 are dropped and the hunt for the top six and an additional Champions League ticket can begin.
Source: Bert Kassies
(Hein Nooijens/Football scoop)