The Netherlands grabbed a few inches, border with Belgium was wrong

Netherlands seems a little bit bigger as of today. At the border below Roosendaal, pavers are shifting the border line in the road surface for a bit. 1.80 metres to the south to be precise.

Every year, the Netherlands and Belgium cross the border together to check whether everything is still correct and whether the boundary posts need maintenance. At measurements in Essen, south of Roosendaal, the province of Noord-Brabant saw that something was not right. The line drawn in the road surface there years ago is not where the border is.

Aslant and transverse

The line in the Grensstraat lies diagonally across the road and the border even crosses a neighbourhood building a little further on. When the borders were closed during the corona crisis, there was a Belgian police checkpoint here.

The municipalities of Essen and Roosendaal have jointly decided that the line must be laid properly. Work started today and will continue until next Tuesday.