The Netherlands impresses and causes irritation in Ukraine: ‘Arrogance, very inhospitable’

Ukraine licks wounds after the spectacular defeat against Orange at the European Championships. Afterwards, positivism reigns around the team of national coach Andriy Shevchenko, but there is also disgrace of the supporters in the Johan Cruijff Arena.
Oranjl played a 2-0 lead on Sunday night, but in the Johan Cruijff still pulled the longest end through a rake Denzel Dumfries header. The Ukrainian medium TSN saw that it could have gone wrong much earlier. โ€œOrange started the game very strongly and had produced ten shots after ten minutes, but luck was with us,โ€ it sounds.
Divine ComebackThe authoritative Segodnya saw a โ€œheroic achievementโ€ of Ukrainian players. ‘The comeback was divine, but the result eventually fell out to the benefit of the Netherlands. Our players almost became heroes and gave us so many different kinds of emotion that there was no room for disappointment anymore. We have nothing to criticize the team of national coach Andriy Shevchenko.โ€
โ€œIn the first half we were nervous about every attack by the Dutch,โ€ continues Segodnya, โ€œbut our goalkeeper Georgiy Bushchan took the match of his life. Foreign football fans who probably heard his name for the first time compared him to Gordon Banks and Lev Yashin.โ€ Positivism prevails in Ukraine. โ€œWe’
ll get points in the next matches, you can be sure of that!โ€
Dutch arrogance Prior to the competition, Dutch supporters in the Johan Cruijff Arena caused irritation in Ukraine. The national anthem was disturbed by whistles and shouting. โ€œWe should have punished this arrogance,โ€ Segodnya said. โ€œVery unwelcoming.โ€
‘Ukraine sets teeth in the Netherlands’, headlines KP. ‘The first race at the European Championships looked good: the homeland had to go to jail, but won. It was the European Championship’s most entertaining and goal game to date. This defeat is no surprise to anyone, but losing it after a handsome comeback is a shame.โ€

What a discharge! ๐Ÿ”ฅ Denzel Dumfries Heads Orange through Ukraine with its first international goal ๐Ÿ™Œ And that can even count on royal approval โ†’
โ€”CCEit Sports (@ CCEitSport) June 13, 2012