The Netherlands intervenes again in Curaçao

The Netherlands intervenes in Curaçao after another State meeting had not been held yesterday. The entire opposition did not show up for the tenth time. They boycott parliament because the parties do not feel taken seriously by the government coalition.

The boycott of the opposition began a few weeks ago when a member of the governing party PAR left the States and the coalition was temporarily out of the majority. Of the 21 seats, twenty were occupied at that time, divided equally between opposition and coalition.

The installation of the new Member of the State can only be done in the presence of a majority of parliament. This majority is not there because of the opposition. Thanks to the intervention by the Netherlands, Parliament can now meet and the new Member can be sworn in.

‘Irresponsible in times of crisis’

As there are no longer any State meetings, important topics remain on the table. One of them is the extension of the state of emergency. It‘s gonna expire in two weeks. The meeting is necessary to continue the government’s corona measures. Any extension must be approved by Parliament.

But also Parliament cannot deal with a number of laws that are necessary to guarantee the long-term corana support by the Netherlands. In this time of crisis, this is irresponsible, says Secretary of State Raymond Knops in response to the General Measure of the State Administration, as the designation is officially called.

Knops now says it has to intervene because Parliament can no longer function. Democracy is deliberately sidelined by a part of the parliament.

On 19 March there will be elections in Curaçao. If this situation is not resolved before that time, there may be no more meetings until May 11, says Knops. That is the date when the old parliament has to hand over the baton to the newly elected States.