The Netherlands is going to prick with AstraZeneca again after the EEA judgment

The Netherlands continues to prick with the Astrazeneca vaccine. The vaccination will resume next week. On Monday people will be pricked again, the large-scale vaccination with AstraZeneca starts on Wednesday.

Thats what Secretary Hugo de Jonge announced tonight. There will not be started tomorrow, because appointments will have to be scheduled again.

Last week, the pricking with the Astrazeneca vaccine was paused by several countries, including the Netherlands, because reports of thrombosis-like symptoms had arrived. EMA supervisor examined these reports and came with an opinion this afternoon: the vaccine is safe and effective.

No connection was found between thrombosis and the vaccine, the EMA concluded. However, a link between thrombotic symptoms in combination with platelets and vaccine cannot be ruled out yet, EMA Director Emer Cooke said. The EMA considered that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages and that the complaints are so rare that they can be considered a safe vaccine.

However, a warning about the complaints is given with the vaccine.


25 cases of rare forms of thrombosis in combination with reduced platelet counts are now known. The complaints were mainly found in women under 55 years of age.

Minister De Jonge has thought about whether women under 55 should now be classified as a risk group, but has decided not to do so. Women under 55 will therefore also receive the Astrazeneca vaccine. “It is clearly and clearly stated by the EMA that the risk of this rare type of disease is very small,” said De Jonge.

De Jonge announced his decision in a press conference while he was in home quarantine:

After the news, several EU countries have already brought out to resume vaccination from tomorrow. Among other things, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania and Cyprus are restarting vaccinations with the Astrazeneca vaccine.