The Netherlands is quarter-finalist after absolute thriller against Switzerland

The Netherlands is in the quarterfinal of the European Championships. A decisive, nerve-wracking and bizarre match against Switzerland in which the VAR claimed the leading role was finally won with large numbers: 1-4. The Netherlands will face France in the quarterfinal.
The Orange had Jackie Groenen and Aniek Nouwen back, but still couldnt call on Vivianne Miedema, who is still in isolation. As a result, Lineth Beerensteyn was in the rush hour. More than 22000 men saw an exciting competition in Sheffield that had to be won by the Netherlands. In the event of a tie, it would depend on Sweden – Portugal and in the event of a defeat, the chance of elimination was huge.
In the opening phase, the Netherlands struggled with the speed and strength of the Swiss and even escaped a backlog. It was saved by goalkeeper Daphne van Domselaar, who kept her team going several times. The Netherlands was allowed to take a penalty kick after twenty minutes of play. At least that
s what it thought. Beerensteyn passed 36-year-old keeper Gaëlle Thalmann and went to the ground, after which the referee pointed to the spot. However, the repetition showed that the ball was hit and so the decision was reversed.
Special second half Football player, the Orange was too low to force Switzerland to its knees, although it did have opportunities. Via Greens, among others. The Orange came out of the dressing room very strong, but got some help from a Swiss defender, who headed the ball from a corner behind Thalmann at Stefanie van der Gragts opening goal. The festive atmosphere soon gave way to disappointment again, after Switzerland came back to level shortly afterwards.
Slowly, the Netherlands lost grip on the game and as a result, Mark Parsons
team had to survive for about forty minutes. Immediately after the 1-1, Switzerland hit the pole. And Van Beerensteyn and Lieke Martens didnt have to have it in Sheffield. Parsons even switched the latter in the final phase. After Van Domselaar had to act rescuing again and Thalmann on the other hand proved impassable, the tension increased more and more. Especially when Van Domselaar got complaints and sat down, but luckily she was able to keep going.
The newly invaded Romée Leuchter brought redemption for the Netherlands in the final phase: 1-2. The most striking moment in the final phase was the 1-3 by Viktoria Pelova, another substitute. She would have received the ball through Van der Gragt, in reality the ball was hit for the last time by a Swiss. The VAR took four minutes to approve the hit. With that, the competition was decided.
Because Leuchter also made the 1-4 shortly afterwards, the Netherlands was suddenly able to become a group winner again on goal balance because Sweden had won 5-0 from Portugal. The 1-5 actually fell, but this one was also rejected. The Netherlands continues and no one lies awake from the way it is. It hits the rock-solid France in the quarterfinal.

There is the lead and, above all, there is the relief! Romee Leuchter does it for the Orange. #zwined
—CCEit Football (@ CCEitFootball) July 17, 2022