The Netherlands must leave the currency union

There are regular reports of the economic damage caused to the United Kingdom by Brexit. Hardly anything about the damage caused to other members of the EUs internal market, says Ton Halderit.

A kongsi of over-optimistic Europhiles thought they had arguments in favour of a political union based on an ideology that should lead to a federation. To this end, a euro zone with a common currency, the euro, was created as a lever, in which a good number of countries (including the UK) rightly saw little point. Klaas Knot, director of De Nederlandsche Bank, analyses the dangers to the value of the euro as Member States get further and further out of step economically. As an economist, Knot comes up with a political (!) opinion without a definitive solution. In line with the Europhile federalists: ceding more sovereignty to Brussels. This while the proven alternatives to the economic problem lie ahead. See Sweden, Denmark, (Norway), (Switzerland), Poland and even the UK. Back to all original sovereignty, own currency, economic cooperation and democracy. As a by-catch UK as a trading partner.

Tonnes Halderit, Real