The Netherlands opens hunting Portugal

Would they squeeze him in Portugal yet? The coefficient points continue to flow in for the Netherlands, which is more likely to be among the European top six week after week at the start of the next season. And that could provide an additional European ticket by 2024. In the short term, we can hold the leader board in the ranking for this season.
Ajax opened the ball in the Champions League this week and earned 0.400 points for the Netherlands with his resounding win at Borussia Dortmund. However, Paris Saint-Germain and Lille OSC earned half a point for France โ€” two points for PSGs victory over RB Leipzig, one point for Lilles draw against Seville, divided by six makes 0.500 โ€” and Portugal was able to credit two-thirds point (0.667), because FC Porto and Sporting Portugal won in the Champions League.
The Netherlands made it through this Europa League and Conference League evening: Feyenoord, Vitesse and AZ also contributed 0.400 to the total. Portugal was only able to contribute to this score of 0.333 Sporting Braga. The only blemishing on the evening is PSVs defeat against AS Monaco, which has left France a little bit in the Netherlands. But if we look at the virtual schedule for the upcoming season, the Netherlands has again knocked down 0.600 points of its backlog in Portugal.
The subtop of the coefficient ranking in 2022/2023 (virtual stand) 5. France 36.5816. Portugal 36.5507. NETHERLANDS 35,200
For completeness, this is what the current top-fifteen of the coefficient ranking looks like. For the time being, the Netherlands is far from France and Portugal, but has to make far fewer points after this season than those two countries and thus continues to progress further.
The current top fifteen of the coefficient ranking1. England 92,355 (6.714) (7/7) 2. Spain 83.998 (6.285) (7/7) 3. Italy 66,902 (5.714) (7/7) 4. Germany 64,927 (5.982) (7/7) 5. France 48.081 (6.416) (6/6) 6. Portugal 46216 (5.750) (4/6) 7. NETHERLANDS 38.100 (8,000) (5/5) 8. Austria 34,050 (5,600) (4/5) 9. Scotland 32,100 (3,100) (2/5) 10. Russia 31,682 (2,500) (3/5) 11. Ukraine 31,000 (3,400) (3/5) 12. Serbia 29.125 (5.250) (2/4) 13. Belgium 28,600 (4,600) (4/5) 14. Switzerland 27425 (5,500) (2/4) 15. Croatia 24,900 (3,750) (1/4) (By the way the score of this season and the number of European representatives)
In addition, the Netherlands has retained its position in the 2021/2022 standings at the end of September:
we are still the best performing European country in this season. England saw six of its seven representatives win, but the Netherlands has left enough margin thanks to Ajax, Feyenoord, AZ and Vitesse: 8,000 at 6,714.
The top five of the standings for 2021/20221. NETHERLANDS 8.0002. England 6,7143. France 6,4164. Spain 6.2855. Germany 5,928
Source: Bert Kassies
(Hein Nooijens/Footballscoop)