The Netherlands ordered eight million extra doses of Moderna

The Netherlands has ordered eight million additional doses of the Moderna vaccine. Until now, the cabinet had not responded to an offer from the manufacturer, since the product could not be delivered until the end of the year. But that‘s gonna be the third quarter.

Under that condition, Minister De Jonge van Healthcare now takes up the offer, he writes to the House of Representatives. He insisted earlier that more doses of Moderna had to be purchased. De Jonge thinks the purchase will soon be completed.

All in all, the Netherlands expects to have 84.5 million vaccines from eight different pharmaceuticals until the first quarter of 2022. Not all the resources that the Netherlands wants to use have been approved by the European Medicine Agency EMA. This concerns, for example, Janssen and CureVac.

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meantime, according to De Jonge, it is going in the right direction with the vaccination. Last week, 200,000 people got a shot. This week, that’s supposed to be 250,000. At the end of the first week of March, some two million vaccines should have been administered.

The House of Representatives today speaks with Minister De Jonge about the data breach at the GGD. The slow start of the Dutch vaccination programme is also discussed. The Minister has already received a lot of criticism of his approach.