“The Netherlands tortured Balinese during war of independence”

In the 1940s, the Netherlands tortured people in prison camps in Bali. Balinese were also murdered in camps. Nu.nl writes this on the basis of research by historian Anne-Lot Hoek. According to the site, the doctoral research shows for the first time that the Netherlands had a system of torture camps on the Indonesian island.

The torture and executions would have occurred between 1945 and 1949. Although the Dutch government previously stated several times that the Netherlands had behaved correctly during that period, the investigation paints a different picture. According to Hoek, authorities looked away, participated, stimulated or even gave orders to torture or kill.

The prisoners are said to have been tortured at about 50 locations. This included prison camps, school buildings and police stations. For example, according to a Balinese survivor, Dutch security guards have expressed cigarette butts in his skin.

In response to Hoeks investigation, the Ministries of Defence and Foreign Affairs say to Nu.nl that they are waiting for a final judgment on the actions of the Dutch army in the Dutch East Indies until the results of another investigation appear. That large-scale research is carried out on behalf of the Dutch government itself. The report is expected in a few months.