The Netherlands virtually back in place 6

Feyenoord, AZ, PSV, Vitesse and FC Midtjylland brought back hope in Dutch football hearts on Thursday evening. Because the Danes have won from Sporting Braga, the only Portuguese Europa League representative has not (yet) seized the bonus associated with placement for the knockout phase: The Netherlands has benefited optimally from this and is โ€” after 24 hours virtually sitting in place seven back in pole position to start the next season as number six in Europe.
Ajax opponent Sporting Portugal hit a mega battle for Portugal on Wednesday, also hitting the last sixteen and grabbing the associated coefficient bonus. However, during the fifth Europa League and Conference League game round on Thursday, it was four to one. Sporting Braga gave Portugal a bad evening: it lost deep in injury time to FC Midtjylland, took zero points for Portugal and seriously put its first place in the Europa League poule and its bonus on the line.
Feyenoord, Vitesse, PSV and AZ opposed one victory and three remises against this. As a result, the coefficient harvest is no less than 1,800:0.200 per draw of Feyenoord, Vitesse and AZ, 0.400 for the win of PSV and 0.400 for the first spots Feyenoord and AZ have secured in the Conference League. Once after its Sporting coup, Portugal is at an appropriate distance from the Netherlands again.
The virtual subtop of the coefficient ranking 2022/2023 5. France 42.081 6. NETHERLANDS 39,800 7. Portugal 38,717
But we‘re not here yet: the last European midweek before winter break โ€” 7, 8 and 9 December โ€” promises to be a wildly exciting one. Where Ajax and Sporting already have the loot in, Benfica and FC Porto both have a good chance to hibernate in the Champions League. It would obviously be disastrous for the Netherlands if that is indeed going to happen. It’s up to Atlรฉtico Madrid, FC Barcelona and Dinamo Kiev to prevent that. In the Europa League, Red Star Belgrade, following FC Midtjylland, can lend us a hand with a good result against Braga. PSV and Vitesse can help the Netherlands with extra bonuses, if they end up in the top two spots of their pool.
But no matter how the first half of the European tournaments ends: the Netherlands and Portugal are not apart for the time being. Only after the 2022/2023 season, the sixth place in the coefficient ranking is definitely worth gold. If the Netherlands has reached its longest end, it will be present with two representatives during the Champions League season 2024/2025, when the tournament gets a totally new set-up.
For the sake of completeness, this is what the current top-ten of the coefficient ranking looks like. The Netherlands is normally not going to get rid of place seven this season, because both the backlog on Portugal and the lead over Austria are too great. After this season, however, the points about 2017/2018 will be stripped away and the Netherlands can take the leap to the European elite.
The current top ten of the European coefficient rankings1. England 99,212 (13,571) (7/7) 2. Spain 86,998 (9,285) (7/7) 3. Italy 71,473 (10,285) (7/7) 4. Germany 69,213 (10214) (7/7) 5. France 53,581 (11,916) (6/6) 6. Portugal 48,382 (7,916) (4/6) 7. NETHERLANDS 42,700 (7/7) 12,600) (5/5) 8. Austria 35,450 (7,000) (4/5) 9. Scotland 33,500 (4,500) (2/5) 10. Russia 32,682 (3,500) (3/5)
Source: Bert Kassies
(Hein Nooijens/Football Scoop)