The Netherlands wants help from German coronavirus labs

Minister De Jonge of Public Health talks with German laboratories to see if they can help to increase the testing capacity. “The demand is much bigger than we thought,” De Jonge said prior to the Council of Ministers. “The rack is out.”

The ministry expected 30,000 coronavirus tests per day in September, but it appears that 40,000 are already needed daily. It is expected that some 70,000 will be needed in the autumn and 100,000 in January


Too few test kits

Laboratories for medical microbiology said yesterday that they are not getting enough materials to meet the increasing demand for coronavirus testing. Sometimes not enough test kits are supplied, sometimes not enough test fluids or test rods.

Non-medical laboratories in the Netherlands say that they have offered help several times, but have heard nothing from the ministry. A spokesman for the industry association says that these labs can do about 20,000 tests a day.