The Netherlands wants to pick up over 2000 Afghans

The cabinet wants to bring more than 2000 Afghans to the Netherlands. That is what demissionary Minister Knapen of Foreign Affairs writes in a letter to the House of Representatives.

800 people have been identified as eligible, including 320 residents of the Netherlands. It also includes interpreters who have worked for the Netherlands, for example, the EU or NATO, and their families. Apart from the interpreters, other Afghan staff are also included on this list.

Peace and Security

The cabinet also wants to bring a group of aid organizations to the Netherlands. It concerns Afghans who have worked in Dutch-funded projects โ€œin the areas of social progress, peace and security or sustainable developmentโ€. This group is estimated to be 800 people (employees and their families).

There is also a group of Afghans who have worked for defence or the European police mission โ€œin a public view functionโ€. These include 500 families.

Knapen cant tell when the Afghans can be transferred to the Netherlands. It is โ€œextremely difficult to pick up people now,โ€ says the minister. He hopes that Kabul airport will be open more often in the coming weeks. By the way, people still have to get permission from the Taliban to leave the country.

So far, 2500 people with the Netherlands have been taken from Afghanistan. โ€œSeveral hundredโ€ of them came to the Netherlands after evacuations were stopped from Kabul Airport.

So incomplete

A special Foreign Office email address has received 35,000 requests for assistance since the fall of Kabul, Knapen continues. โ€œReturned to unique email addresses, about 20,000 addresses. Many emails relate to multiple people, often it concerns families.โ€

But the mails are not usable, writes the demissionary minister. โ€œThe information (…) in many cases is so incomplete that it is impossible to assess the request for assistance on its merits or even establish the identity of the sender.โ€