The Netherlands will stop adoptions from abroad for the time being

Dutch people who plan to adopt a child have to wait until there are new rules. That‘s what the minister who’s dealing with adoptions said. He decided that because there‘s been a major investigation into adoptions. It says that a lot of things went wrong in the past.

It’s about adoptions from a long time ago. Those kids are grown up now.

Earn money

Much has gone wrong in, among other things, orphanages abroad. For example, the orphanages lied to Dutch parents who wanted to adopt a child. They said the kid had no parents anymore, when he did.

The orphanages could make so much money on adoptions.

The Dutch government is very sorry about what happened in the past and says sorry for that. They should have checked more closely with adoptions, they say.

Long ago


fact that those mistakes were made was a long time ago. Now the rules have been a lot stricter for years and it almost never goes wrong again.

However, the minister wants the Dutch to be unable to adopt a child from abroad for the time being. Parents who have already applied for adoption and are still waiting for a child can still adopt them.

New rules


, making a new application is not possible for the time being. After the elections, the new government has to look at rules on adoption, says the minister. Then maybe we can do it again.