The network ducks trailer season 2 anthology “Love, Death and Robots”

A trailer for the second season of Netflix‘s animated anthology Love, Death and Robots suddenly appeared on Reddit. The first season of the project was released in the online cinema back in 2019, it was produced by David Fincher and Tim Miller (Terminator: Dark Fates). In 18 episodes, different teams of authors told small stories in all sorts of styles and genres — comedy, thriller, horror and so on.

In doing so, the anthology was aimed at an adult audience, often touching on grim themes and showcasing violent moments. Judging by the new trailer, the audience again expects a great variety in the stories – Jennifer Yu Nelson (Kung Fu Panda 2) was the main director.

In addition, in the video in one of the images you can see Michael B. Jordan (Black Panther).

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