The network posted the first minutes of the new adaptation of Mortal Kombat

Warner Bros. studio put on the network the first minutes of the new film adaptation Mortal Kombat โ€” in honor of the early release of the film in the States and HBO Max. Russian viewers in this regard are much more lucky, since the film has been in the local rental for almost two weeks, that is, since April 8.

During this time, the tape managed to earn 757 million rubles (9. 83 million dollars), quickly moving from the first place of the chart โ€œChernobylโ€, which got there last weekend.

The first scene before the release was shown to the press, although in their case it was an extended version for 13 minutes, whereas now the studio provided only 7. In the United States and HBO Max, the picture will be released on April 23, most likely instantly being online – as happened in the case of other releases on streaming services.

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