The new Nobody Saves the World trailer featured skills, customization and multiplayer

Canadian studio Drinkbox, known for its vibrant Guacamelee series, showed a new trailer for the fantasy action RPG Nobody Saves the World during The MIX NEXT 2021. And it was dedicated to the online mode, which was announced in August. The feature of Nobody Saves the World is that our faceless character can take a variety of forms: ghost, slug, horse, dragon.

Most forms are unlocked during the process of completion. And in the online co-op, they can also combine and strengthen each other.

For example, a player in the form of a horse can infect opponents with poison, and the shape of the rat explodes infected, dealing heavy damage. And additional skills can reduce the rollback of powerful skills, allowing you to use them more often.

Nobody Saves the World will be released on Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC in early 2022. More on Media Gambling: Jeff Kaplan Defended the Overwatch Team from โ€œCorporate Nonsenseโ€ Trash Sailors Comes on Steam December 16 Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Tempestfall Released on Steam.