The next game of GTFO authors will be a technothriller with robberies and co-op

Swedish studio 10 Chambers is still known for its only game, the cooperative horror shooter GTFO. In December 2021, the game was released from Early Access, and now during gamescom 2022, creative director and CEO Ulf Anderson announced that work has already begun on the next Project. The future game is conceived as a cooperative first-person shooter in a technothriller setting.

And we‘ll have to deal with robberies in it. Anderson, game designer for Payday and Payday 2, called it an โ€œunclosed chapterโ€ and said that he just had to make a proper robbery game.

However, the new 10 Chambers game will be different from Payday series, we don’t have to shoot continuously. And it will be easier to play than GTFO.

However, so far, the new project does not have a release date or even a name. More on Gambling Addiction The creators of Saints Row promise to fix and improve the Atlas Fallen game will not be similar to Dark Souls, it is compared to God of War and Horizon: Forbidden West Moonshine Simulator Moonshine Inc will be released on October 27.