The next update for Deep Rock Galactic will be released as early as February 4

Coffee Stain Publishing and developers from Ghost Ship Games have announced that the next update, called New Frontiers for co-operative action film Deep Rock Galactic, will be released on Steam as early as February 4, and before Xbox One will reach February 11. The main innovations will be the biomes Azure Weald and Hollow Bough. In the first players are waiting for new opponents Mactera Tri-Jaws and Mactera Brundle, and in the second – Deeptora Bough Wasps and Stabber Vines.

Also developers will update the modes of Elimination, Salvage and Point Extraction . New variations of the opponent Dreadnought will be added to the Elimination.

In Salvage, players will be able to interact with a broken M. U.

L. E.

, to retrieve the location of its missing legs. Players will also have the opportunity to connect fuel cells to the capsules using a system of fuel lines.

In Point Extraction, the new model will receive Minehead. In addition, the authors will add 8 music tracks and several dance emotions, as well as present a new interface of the trading terminal.

Simultaneously with the release of the update will be the release of another DLC with cosmetic items for all classes. More on Gambling Retro Shooter WRATH: Aeon of Ruin received the third content update Next major on CS:GO will be held from October 23 to November 7 Blizzard presented an updated design Battle.