The Orange will train penalties with science: “Innovative? Insane”

Kenneth Perez finds it unnecessary for the Dutch team to train penalties through science. Former volleyball player and volleyball coach Peter Murphy will help the Dutch take and stop penalties in the coming week.
Penalties are important. Murphy will do tests with the players, but also talk to the players how to embarrass the opponent, there are also means to do that. If science says that, we can see if we can do that in practice, Van Gaal said at the press moment on Monday afternoon.
For Perez, Van Gaal and his staff miss the point by looking for a penalty killer through science. Things are really complicated about that kind of thing, he says in the ESPN program Football Talk. It‘s the same with a wall beam near a free kick. Once someone shot the ball under the wall, now every club uses a wall beam. Whether that is innovative? Insane.
s too much thinking. I can imagine taking a third goalkeeper along for a possible penalty series. If one person can stop great penalties, you take them with you. Nothing more than that, says Perez.