‘The Outer Worlds in a Medieval Fantasy World’: New Details About Avowed

The Windows Central portal featured a story about Avowed, a new Obsidian game set in the Pillars of Eternity universe. This is the first major piece of information in a long time, and according to journalist and insider Jez Corden, the full development has not yet begun. The developers are preproduction, but a working early version is just around the way.

Corden describes the game itself as โ€œThe Outer Worlds in a medieval fantasy world. โ€ Avowed do on pretty much the same but improved engine as The Outer Worlds.

It promises a first-person view, a deep story, and a role-playing system. Avowed will feature several classes with their own playstyles, and Skyrim will borrow the two-handed combat system.

Players will be able to arm themselves with two daggers for the role of a rabble or shoot a two-handed bow, use a combination of swords and magic, or two-handed magic, which is required for the most powerful spells. In the game will have many elements familiar to Pillars of Eternity fans, in particular various magic spells, including poison-like statuses.

Enchanted weapons and conspiratorial ammunition serve this. Well also see familiar creatures up to wyverns and dragons.

Melee fighters have more options than Skyrim, and the fencing itself is more difficult. In battle, for example, you can kick enemies and beat them with a shield.

The surroundings will be at least partially destructible: fire can tip over the nearest objects, and those burning will free the passage. Corden was shown a very early version, with unfinished textures and lighting, and he didnt even realize if there would be an open world in the game (but hopes so).

But according to him, even in this state, Avowed plays great and makes you want to explore her world. The journalist suggests that in more or less working condition, Avowed may show no later E3 2022.

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