“The Past Has Caught Me”: Trailer for Marvels Hawkeye Series

Disney has unveiled the debut trailer for Hawkeye, a series about Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) set after Avengers: Finale. It‘s been a while since those events, and Christmas is on the court — the hero tries to celebrate it quietly with his family, but it wasn’t there. The fun and watching the musical about the life of Steve Rogers is interrupted by a reminder of the hero‘s past when he killed criminals during the period of disappearing people after Thanos flick.

Barton has to separate himself from his family and deal with his debts — in parallel, he meets young archer Kate Bishop (Hayley Steinfield), who tries to emulate him. And as a result, the characters get into a common squabbling together.

The series will premiere on Disney+ on November 24. More on Gamemania Best Arkane Game: Deathloop reviews praise almost all Epic Games continues to sue Apple — appeal filed Cruel Maniac and mysteries in the trailer for the authors new TV series The Killing.