The peak online of “Spider-Man” on Steam already exceeds 50 thousand people

An hour and a half after the release of the Spider-Man remaster on PC, the peak online game on Steam alone already exceeds 50 thousand people. And this is despite the fact that you can purchase the project on computers in the Epic Games Store. Lets see what heights the game reaches in the coming hours.

Updated: by 23:00 Moscow time, the peak online reached a level of 60. 2 thousand people.

Recall that the remaster of Spider-Man on PC was quite highly appreciated critics — Metacritic now has an average score of 87 based on 52 reviews. You can also find a comparison of the graphics in the new product with the PS4 and PS5 versions, as well as the first minutes of the game.

At the same time, the game is fully compatible with Steam Deck. Remaster for PC boasts support for various technologies, including ray tracing, NVIDIA DLSS, DLAA, as well as 4K resolution, and so on.

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