‘The plans of FC Groningen fit me better than those of Feyenoord’

Paulos Abraham thought the plans of FC Groningen sound better than those of Feyenoord. The 18-year-old attacker was captured by De Proud van een Noorden on the closing day of the transfer market.

The young Swede, who came across from AIK, received a message from Rotterdam at the very last moment. โ€œFor me it was extremely important to have a plan for the futureโ€, says Abraham to RTV Noord. โ€œWhen I heard the plans of both Feyenoord and FC Groningen, I found the plans of Groningen better suited me. They are working on a beautiful project here that I believe in.โ€
Mark-Jan Fledderus, the technical director of Groningen, personally picked up Abraham from Schiphol and drove him north. โ€œThat meant a lot to me,โ€ says the young attacker. โ€œIt means he takes me seriously and believes in me. I really appreciated that. In the two days Im here right now, everyones trying to help me out at the club and make me feel welcome. Now its up to me to perform.โ€
That might happen next Sunday. Then the team of trainer Danny Buijs, who currently occupy sixth place in the Eredivisie, plays against number four Feyenoord. When they win, they approach the Rotterdammers to one point.