The player was banned in Forza Horizon 5 for 8000 years for art with girls in cars

A user nicknamed git-regret spoke on Reddit about the Forza Horizon 5 bath, which he received for the art of girls in cars. The player created drawings based on various anime and comic book heroines like Harley Quinn, Cat Women and so on. The developers did not make any warnings or a short-term ban – the racer was immediately banned from visiting the game for 69934592 hours until December 31, 9999.

The user was outraged by such a harsh form punishment, noting that he did not use the mat and did not touch on any sensitive issues in his work. In addition, they are performed without excessive frankness.

The player added that he had never received an online ban in the game before in his life, so he was upset when he was suddenly taken away from spending points earned. Since it is impossible to complete a series of festival races without them, and points are given out just for online races.

In addition, he bought the premium edition of the game. According to the user, this is not an isolated case, and many other designers have also been banned.

The victim does not have the opportunity to appeal or know the specific reason for the bana. Ill see you guys in a couple thousand years or when Forza Motorsport 8 comes out.

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