The psychological horror of Visage will be released from Steams early access as early as October 30

Developers from SadSquare Studio announced that the psychological horror of Visage will be released from Steam‘s early access as early as October 30. Simultaneously, the game’s release will take place on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Visage has been in early access since October 2018.

Players have two chapters, that is about 8 hours of gameplay. The full-fledged version will contain four chapters or approximately 15 hours of gameplay.

Also, the authors warned that two days before leaving early access Visage will rise in price by $10. Now the game can be bought in Russia for 465 rubles.

Current owners of the horror will receive the full version in the form of a free update. Finally, the developers reported that it will not be possible to transfer the saves from the early version to the full version.

All files will delete October 30. Visage action takes place in a huge mansion in which heinous crimes were committed.

Players will explore every abandoned room with the ghosts of those who lived and died in this house. The protagonist is defenseless, as there is no such weapon in the game, but players will be able to get rid of fear and keep your mind by staying in the light.

Gamers will also be able to collect key items, interact with the environment and search for things that will help break out of the nightmare. More on CCeit In the fresh UK digital chart there were five SEGA games published trailer for the release of the enhancement Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice In December for Gears 5 will release the first story addition — Hivebusters.