The RC-version of Neo: The World Ends with You is coming soon to the Epic Games Store

In late July, Square Enix released on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch the role-playing game Neo: The World Ends with You, a sequel to one of Japan‘s top role-playing games. Now we’re going to show it to an audience of PC users: the new release will take place on September 28. Initially, the PC version of Neo: The World Ends with You will be sold only in the Epic Games store, it is possible to pre-order.

We should expect to see it on Steam and other stores only in a year. In Neo: The World Ends with You, we‘re going to be back in the Reaper Aftergame, but now its rules have changed, and new, with rare exception, individuals take part in the survival competition.

And some of them are still alive, just like one of the original characters, but unlike him, they don’t come into the game of their own accord. In a sense, Neo TWEWY has even succeeded in its secondary role.

. The authors adopted the unique art design of the original into high resolution, adapted its wise combat system, repeated its clever mechanics, and wrote a great new soundtrack in the spirit of the old one โ€” it‘s already worth a lot.

As a result, Square Enix has an empty but authentic enough sequel that can delight fans who have long dreamed of returning to the afterlife of Shibuya. Neo: The World Ends with You review.

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