The release of the adventure Scarlet Hood and the Wicked Wood

Independent studio Devespresso Games and publishing houses Headup and WhisperGames finally released the research adventure Scarlet Hood and the Wicked Wood on RS. The game is sold on Steam, GOOG and Epic Games Store with a release discount of 15% . According to the story rock diva Scarlet Goode gets caught in a tornado and, like Dorothy in โ€œThe Wizard of Ozโ€, gets into the fairyland of Glum.

There is an important mission waiting for her – to bring to a safe place a group of chewuns. And the time loop – after each death Scarlet starts beginning.

However, the time loop is not infinite: the girl has only seven days to complete the mission. And in this she will be hampered by seven witches with henchmen.

Fortunately, Scarlet has magical skills, and decisions made by her can seriously change the course of events. The game supports the Russian language.

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