The release of the turn-based puzzle game Peace, Death! 2 about the Distributor Reaper

Russian studio AZAMATIKA has released the turn-based logic game Peace, Death! 2 about the working days of the Distributor Reaper. The player has to choose where the deceased customers go to Heaven, Hell or Purgatory. This is not easy, as clients interfere with the workflow in every way.

You can spend the evening after a hard day of work in the Reaper Trade Union, where you can also sign contracts, listen local news and perform various assigns. In Peace, Death! 2 lots of black humor and good music, and theres something going on in the game world all the time.

And the developers also mentioned cats โ€” where else is it better? In the future, the studio plans to release Peace, Death! 2 on mobile devices โ€” stay tuned! More on Gamermania The adventure game Rรถki will be released on PS5 and Xbox Series as early as October 28th Chief Designer Diablo IV is now in charge of its development Composer Dying Light 2 revealed about how music was created for the game.