The remake of the Corpse Party remaster will be released in the West on October 20

An updated version of the bleak psychological horror Corpse Party was released in Japan in February. The game is a remake of Corpse Party Blood Covered. .

. Repeated Fear, a remaster of the classic Corpse Party, which came out in 2010.

XSEED Games announced that the twice-updated Corpse Party will appear in the West on October 20. The game will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC, and is already available on Steam.

The game takes place at Kisaragi Academy. Class 2-9 headman Ayumi Shinozaki suggests performing a ritual to preserve their friendship.

But something goes wrong, and the students find themselves in the destroyed Heavenly Host School, on whose ruins their academy was once built. Five main story chapters and fourteen additional ones in the remake remasters added two new additional chapters that will elaborate on the main characters.

There will be more students, too, with new heroines, Miku Sirayume and Ryoku Iwami, playing their own roles. More on Igammania Three out of a hundred in the gameplay trailer Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising Nacon bought the authors of The Last Spell and the Dead in series, Tencents Ishtar Games studio became the largest shareholder in Bloober Team.