The remake of The Last of Us, the abandonment of Days Gone 2 and the new Uncharted are the main thing from Schreyers article

Authoritative journalist Jason Schreyer released a lot of material about the future of PlayStation and fears within the company due to the vector of development of the game direction – Sony intends to do only first-class blockbustersThat‘s why, for example, Sony Bend refused to create a sequel Days Gone – although the game became profitable, journalists’ ratings were low, and general sales were below blockbusters like Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War. In addition, the production cycle was long. That‘s why a few months ago at least two veterans left the company โ€” creative director John Garvin and director Jeff Ross.

Now Bend helps Naughty Dog with multiplayer game (apparently according to The Last of Us 2) and is engaged in its new project, although initially she was supposed to help with the new Uncharted – its fate is now unknown. The studio was scared that they might be absorbed by Nd.

According to Eurogamer, Uncharted from Bend could be a relaunch of the series, the action of which unfolded before the Drake’s Fortune event. Along with this, the small Visual Arts Service Group team wanted to stop being a support studio for a long time, so became interested in remakes of Uncharted or The Last of Us.

The choice fell on the latter, because it is easier to update – it is more modern. However, Sony decided to refuse the studio – the remake was given to Naughty Dog itself, and Visual Arts Service Group again made a support studio, which did not like specialists.

Most left a small firm. Upgrade.

Schreyer also mentioned a โ€œsecret studio in San Diegoโ€ that allegedly worked on the new Uncharted โ€” it wasn‘t. Moreover, the team since the formation tried to gain support from Sony, but it seems that it still has not managed to do it.

The main concern around Sony’s strategy is that often small projects can become incredibly successful โ€” be it Valheim, Minecraft or Roblox. A year ago, MediaMolecule released an analogue of the last two projects, Dreams, but Sony did not actively promote the game, because of which it quickly disappeared from radars.

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