The Riftbreakers fantastic survival game has been released

EXOR and Surefire Games have announced that after nearly four years of development, The Riftbreaker fantasy role-playing survival game is finally out. And what awaits players in the release trailer, which lasts more than eight minutes. In The Riftbreaker, were going to get to the outskirts of the Milky Way, the remote planet Galatea 37.

There, our heroine Ashley Novak has to build a base for the colonists to arrive, and only her Mr. Rigz mechanical suit will help her.

dedicated to exploring and pacifying the planet. Survival mode would involve only one aspect of Earthlings activities: defending the base from enemy hordes.

There are no enemies in sandbox mode, and you can devote all your time to building and applying technology. The Riftbreaker is available on Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store, Xbox Store and PlayStation Store and is on sale with a release discount until October 21.

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