The role action film Bygone Dreams is based on Bosnian folklore

Studio Prime Time presented their project, which is working on by a new team from Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. And in this case, the place is very important, because the plot and the world of the game is based on Slavic folklore and medieval Bosnian myths. The action of the game is set in the country of dreams, which is protected by deities – matron.

This world of dreams is threatened by a terrible spirit known as Wa. Saving the world can be powerful creatures, Guardians, who were revered before the appearance of a nightmare.

But the trouble is that the Guardians have already succumbed to decommission. Players are waiting for battle with dozens of epic bosses, combination of weapons with magic, manual manual levels of increased difficulty, two hours completely voiced cutscenes and more than 50 original orchestral soundtrack compositions using ethnic instruments.

Bygone Dreams has already won the award for visual achievement during the Reboot event Develop. This year it is planned to be released on Steam.

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